hey girl i just wanted to ask how you're doing! let us know <3


You’re sweet to ask- I try to not talk about it because I sound so pathetic, but sometimes it just helps so much. I’m still horribly depressed- I like my therapist but talking to her only provides instant relief, but I don’t think my overall condition has improved at all. I just like start crying in random points through out the day. I don’t understand why this boy is my whole life. There should be more to life than a boy, and being in a relationship. But the day he got engaged, like nearly 8 months ago, I feel like I just died. I try to do things to make myself happy, I try to pretend I’m happy, but nothing, nothing ever makes me feel like I’ll be okay facing a life without him.

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im an artist

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Have you watched the latest korra book?


I haven’t yet, I’ve been trying hard to avoid spoilers, because I probably won’t have time for new TV shows for a month. It’s the first one on my list to watch!

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Have you met his fiancee? The amount of time you have spent with him sounds suspicious. There must be others who know of your affections for him?


I haven’t met his fiancee and I’m not sure I ever will. And it’s not suspicious, because we’re travelling consultants. We don’t even live in the same state, but that’s we we’re together outside the office a lot (and why I barely have time for anything, because I’ve had this schedule for 9 months.)

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What's swm?


SWM = snape’s worst memory, TPT = the prince’s tale (i use the acronyms pretty often)

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First of all- ERMAHGERD U ARE SO AWESOME I LOOOOVED ASK JILY PLEASE BRING IT BACK. Second of all- why don't u try making work guy jealous?


Thank you, I’m actually working on an Ask Jily right now (it’s going to be real dumb, but I’ve been asked this question so often I’ve gotta answer it.)

Also if I was worth getting jealous over, and we worked with other single dudes, it’d hardly be enough to interfere with an engagement to someone he’s had a relationship with for 8 years. I really don’t think the guy ever dated anyone else.

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No but imagine lily having a down phase during the pregnancy and looking at herself in the mirror and going “I look like I swallowed a fucking watermelon” and James trying to cheer her up by tying his invisibility cloak around her stomach so that she’s just legs and a floating head and telling her that “you can’t even see the baby bump”

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David Yates is going to direct Fantastic Beasts



image  image

is his fiance even good-looking?


edit- if for some reason anyone really wants to know ask me off anon only

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I don't want to sound rude (I REALLY don't want to sound rude), but how well do you really know work guy? Because I get that you have strong feelings for him, but it seems like you don't know him well enough to be in love with him. More just the IDEA of him. I know my question sounds really rude >.< but when I don't understand things I tend to be really blunt about them and I'm sorry. >.< I don't like seeing you sad, but I don't know what to say to help when I don't get it. D:


i know him well enough that i corrected him on his older brother’s age yesterday. are you the same anon who asked this a few days ago? people keep asking me this, saying i dont know him or idealize him, but like, i know him pretty well at this point. we’ve done so much together, like going to restaurants, getting stuck in a train station, going to a baseball game, shopping for a gift for his mom’s birthday- its a stupid fucked up situation because we spend all this time together and but there’s going to be a day where i never see him again, and I know he doesn’t care.

But I do KNOW the guy, and I know he’s wonderful, and I dont exactly have a history of holding guys on pedestals.

(and youre not rude, i get this question a lot.)

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"villain" characters in hp who are more interesting than severus snape:

-regulus black
-peter pettigrew (!!!)
-narcissa malfoy
-gellert grindlewald
-regulus black
-barty crouch jr.
-horace slughorn
-regulus black
-kreacher the house elf
-dolores umbridge
-regulus black

While all these characters are fascinating, the Snape written by JKR is one of the best literary characters ever, fanon snape shouldn’t take away from that.

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I share my bday with James Potter!!!!


that’s so lucky, i’d love to share a birthday with him or lily. i’ll probably have to do something good for james’ next birthday because coincidentally that is the last day i will be conscious before i go into a COMA OF SADNESS.

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jeez, it’s been ages since i’ve draw all 4 together


jeez, it’s been ages since i’ve draw all 4 together

Eye makeup might be on point but it looks like you're ready for a night out and not a work day. Less is more bb


Well since I can’t wear a paper bag over my head, that’s what I do. Sometimes I wonder if wearing less makeup to work would make work guy like me better, since his fiancee is the type that goes bare faced, hair back, glasses, etc. But it’s sort of an ocd at this point. 

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