Opening scene for deathly hallows pt2 leaked?




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Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth are the Current Frontrunners for Peeta and Gale


Ok, I kind of really want Hunter Parrish for Peeta, so I hope they are at least considering him. Josh Hutcherson I’d be totally ok with, and Liam Hemsworth in any role I don’t really want because I’ve heard his acting is not up to par. People who have seen him act, please give me your blunt opinion!

Both of these options are just so awful, oh God. If Josh Hutcherson gets Gale, this will not be a happy blog. There is no way he could ever pull that role off, especially opposite Jennifer Lawrence.

The gif only expresses a tenth of my rage rn.

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Fact: I’ve always wanted to name my children James and Lily.



Omg me too… my husband is not going to have a say in this at all. Just like Ginny :)

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Out of curiosity, who do you want to be Gale (from the rumored contenders list)?


Who are the actors rumored to play Gale? I’ve only heard things about Peeta Katniss (well, not anymore since she’s been confirmed), and Prim. 

All I’m hoping is that they’ll use an actor with long hair and not use an atrocious wig like the used for Taylor Lautner in Twilight.

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I just don’t get how some people can read the entire Hunger Games series and still be under the impression that Rue is white.

Like, did you even read the books? Am I the only one seeing these people drawing her as white on dA and using white actresses for her in their dreamcast? D:

and district 11 is just alabama/georgia/south carolina set back 150 years.

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Oh I just remembered I had a dream last night that I lost 40 followers because I hated on Remus/Sirius haha

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If You Can DREAM IT,You Can DO IT.
Walt Disney


If You Can DREAM IT,You Can DO IT.

Walt Disney

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How about.... Sirius Black?
Or Remus Lupin?
Or Lily Evans?
(or you could do them all :P)


Oh God… you really don’t want me to finish my homework, do you?

No, I really need to finish it… I’ll make a full list tomorrow! But for now, I’ll just list one fact each:

1. Sirius never had sex with Remus.

2. Remus never had sex with Sirius.

3. One of Lily’s favorite foods is treacle tart, like her son’s

James Potter!


Yay, thanks for asking me about James <3

My personal canon for him… well here are a few things

1. He is left-handed… I don’t know why but I feel strongly about this.

2. One of the youngest Quidditch captains in Hogwarts history.

3. He acts arrogant, but he’s insecure as hell (I thought this was obvious, but some people, James fans included, didn’t seem to feel this way?)

4. He likes watching Lily eat Sugar Quills

5. He’s really good at all sort of games and hyper-competitive and refuses to let Lily win at anything.

6. He had tons of agents trying to recruit him for pro-Quidditch but he put it on hold to fight in the Order and marry Lily.

Those facts were kinda bad I made a whole list once but I can’t find it… oh well, hope these will do :)

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Put a character or a ship in my ask box and I will give you a few personal canon facts.

you know you want to :3

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...And where did you find that family tree that suggested Harry and Ginny as third cousins? That's not that weird though, especially for wizards.


The Black Family tree has been around awhile, if you google image it you’ll find it. Also, all the third cousin conspiracy is on the HP wiki, but I agree, I don’t think it’s weird for wizards… after all Sirius’ parents were second cousins and he turned out okay… sort of

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my last two posts started with oh my god