Ideas for Jily valentine’s drawing?

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  1. neverwasastoryofmorewhoa answered: Lily trying on James’ glasses
  2. 13yearsagediff answered: You’ve seen the one as James as a present for xmas! I wanna see Lily as the present!!!
  3. jordanpparrish answered: Do one where Lily is ignoring a mound of Valentines and singing marauders :)
  4. otterdirection answered: James sends Lily a singing Valentine but Sirius messes with it so it sings something really inappropriate
  5. thatballerina answered: Harry&Ginny, happily married with their kids.
  6. bluemoon-love answered: after a quidditch match giving her lillies and chocolate.
  7. themidwesteros answered: James tries to do a super suave charm and it goes horribly, terribly wrong.
  8. fabulousgrantaire answered: james attempting to send himself as a valentine’s gift? extra points for strategically placed bows :D
  9. bethy-mae10 answered: just curled up, snuggling with hot chocolate or something? Something simple but romantic.?
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